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Article: Photo London Art Fair

Photo London Art Fair

Photo London Art Fair

JG Contemporary Announces Participation in Photo London Featuring Celebrated British Photographers Tim Bret-Day & Derrick Santini 

London, April 9, 2024 – JG Contemporary is thrilled to announce its participation in this year’s Photo London at Somerset House, presenting an exceptional showcase of works by celebrated contemporary British photographers Tim Bret-Day and Derrick Santini. The exhibition aims to highlight the unique authenticity, depth, and individuality captured by these renowned artists, offering attendees an unparalleled visual experience.

By juxtaposing the works of Bret-Day and Santini, JG Contemporary creates a dialogue between the artists’ distinct narratives and approaches. This selection not only celebrates their contributions to photography but also emphasizes the storytelling power behind each image. From iconic singular images to compelling series, the exhibition explores the essence of human emotion, thought, and the soul-stirring moments of life.

Tim Bret-Day’s Vibrant Storytelling

Renowned for his distinctive and vibrant imagery, Tim Bret-Day has carved a niche for himself within the realms of pop culture, fashion, and art. His work, characterized by its surreal quality and iconic visuals, has been instrumental in defining the visual landscape of renowned brands and artists alike. Bret-Day’s relentless innovation and refusal to settle showcases his commitment to creating fresh, unique, and deeply personal pieces.

Derrick Santini’s Striking Contrasts

Derrick Santini’s portraits are known for their striking contrasts and compelling detail, often featuring well-known faces that explore themes of perception and individuality. His work celebrates the essence of each subject, creating portraits that command attention and evoke a deep connection with the viewer. Santini’s approach to photography is a celebration of the individual, capturing the unique spirit and essence of his subjects.

An Homage to Authenticity

The exhibition underscores the power of photography to connect on a personal level, celebrating the authenticity and magic inherent in the work of Bret-Day and Santini. Spanning from the 1990s to the 2010s, the display includes signed silver gelatins, limited-edition c-type, and platinum archival prints, offering collectors and enthusiasts a rare opportunity to acquire pieces of historical and artistic significance.

JG Contemporary invites art lovers, collectors, and the general public to join us at Photo London to experience the captivating world of Tim Bret-Day and Derrick Santini. Their stories, captured through the lens, offer a profound exploration of humanity, culture, and the indelible moments of our lives.

About JG Contemporary

JG Contemporary is an independent gallery dedicated to showcasing the work of established and emerging artists in the contemporary art scene. With a focus on innovation, creativity, and the power of storytelling through visual arts, JG Contemporary provides a platform for artistic expression and dialogue, contributing to the cultural landscape and engaging communities in meaningful conversations.

Visit Us at Booth Number F06 at Photo London at Somerset House. Preview night 15 May 11- 21 pm

Core London is our sponsor and media partner for Photo London. 

For further information, contact Jewel at 07525 143 009 or via email at Visit our website at

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