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Refund policy

Where goods have been dispatched it is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect the goods upon arrival verifying quantity, specifications and details. Upon receipt of the goods the buyer must raise any queries or complaint about the condition or quality of the goods within 10 days of receipt otherwise we will deem the purchase and delivery accepted by you without recourse to refund.If goods are found to be unsuitable, damaged or being returned for any other reason acceptable to the gallery then regardless of the currency that the order was paid in any refund from the gallery will ONLY be made in GBP. A full refund would be for the amount showing on the buyer’s invoice i.e. the amount of money received by the gallery or proven to have been received by the gallery should they actual amount differ from the invoice.The gallery is not responsible for currency fluctuations and will not change the amount to be refunded based on fluctuations or fees incurred by the recipient’s bank.Any deposit taken for an artwork is seen as a commitment to purchase and cannot be refunded unless the artwork is not as described.