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Kevin Ledo

Kevin Ledo - November 15, 1978 — lives and works in Montreal, Canada.
The subject and approach to Kevin Ledo’s artwork changes according to whether it’s public art or his personal explorations in fine art. While there is a common visual thread between these different activities, his public art has several different considerations that are taken into account before creating, such as the neighbourhood the mural is set to be in; the history of the area and the audience. Ledo’s public murals are often celebrations of people and diversity and aim to relate to the communities they are found in.
On the other hand, Ledo’s studio work serves to help himself to understand his own mind and the mind of others; exploring the constructs that make up one’s character, flirting with metaphysics, individual divinity and beauty. In the studio Ledo functions intuitively and follow his hunches, coming to understand what the work is about as it unfolds. Whenever possible, Ledo photographs the subjects he uses as reference for his artwork.
He traces his influences and inspiration to a multitude of forces including iconography, psychology, Buddhist philosophy, music, graphic design and photography.
Some of his most notable artworks have been exhibited in the Mode Museum in Hasselt, Belgium and Arsenal in Montreal, Canada. He is an ongoing participant of the En Masse project since 2009, and has painted with the group at numerous art fairs, museums and events across the USA and Canada, including the Musée Des Beaux- Arts de Montréal and Art San Diego.
Ledo has been featured in many art media outlets such as Juxtapoz Magazine, Street Art News, My Modern Met, Artist a Day, Montana Cans blog, and Cool Hunting. As well, his work has been written about and featured on television and in multiple news outlets including LA Times, The Guardian, National Geographic, Yahoo! News, Washington Times, The National Post, Toronto Star, La Presse, CBC The National, CBC Arts, CBC Radio1, Global News, CTV News, The Globe and Mail, The Montreal Gazette, Cult MTL and more.

Kevin Ledo - First Steps - JG Contemporary
First Steps Sale price¥114,200
Kevin Ledo - Open Schedule - JG Contemporary
Open Schedule Sale price¥155,700
Kevin Ledo - Solid Start - JG Contemporary Kevin Ledo - Solid Start - JG Contemporary
Solid Start Sale price¥155,700
Kevin Ledo - Journey Home - JG Contemporary
Journey Home Sale price¥114,200
Kevin Ledo - Momentum - JG Contemporary
Momentum Sale price¥114,200
Kevin Ledo - A Moment in Time - JG Contemporary
A Moment in Time Sale price¥114,200
Kevin Ledo - The Flow - JG Contemporary Kevin Ledo - The Flow - JG Contemporary
The Flow Sale price¥114,200
Kevin Ledo - Circulate - JG Contemporary Kevin Ledo - Circulate - JG Contemporary
Circulate Sale price¥114,200
Kevin Ledo - Inward Gaze - JG Contemporary
Inward Gaze Sale price¥114,200
Kevin Ledo - Easy - JG Contemporary
Easy Sale price¥114,200
Kevin Ledo - Kevin Ledo - Quieting the Mind - JG Contemporary
Quieting the Mind Sale price¥1,037,500
Kevin Ledo - Kevin Ledo - Concept to Conception - JG Contemporary
Concept to Conception Sale price¥1,037,500
Kevin Ledo - Kevin Ledo - Steady Wavelength - JG Contemporary Kevin Ledo - Kevin Ledo - Steady Wavelength - JG Contemporary
Steady Wavelength Sale price¥830,000
Kevin Ledo - Kevin Ledo - Protective Construct - JG Contemporary
Protective Construct Sale price¥871,500