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"Mad In England" is the art brand of Carrie Reichardt.

Carrie Reichardt's ancestry can be traced back through a long line of aristocratic eccentrics. Her grandfather, Joseph Reichardt owned estates in the Austrian Empire and was known as The Camel Hair King of America after making a fortune shipping camel hair wool from Persia via his offices in New York. He worked for the Tsar of Russia during World War I and was awarded the title of Count before fleeing the Russian Revolution. Count Reichardt was bankrupted after losing the cutting rights to all the trees on the Caspian Sea. He moved to England with three sons. The eldest became a Nuclear Scientist. The youngest was Tony Reichardt, who prospered as an influential dealer in Modern Art in post-war London and was close friends with Francis Bacon. The second son was Carrie Reichardt's father Roland, who became a Rigsbyesque property landlord as well as being a faith healer with a keen interest in erotica.