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JG Contemporary

In the heart of Acton, West London, stands JG Contemporary, a vibrant hub of artistic innovation and diversity. 

Our story began in 2010 in North Acton as a screen printing workshop and artist studio spaces known to many as West London Art Factory. Starting with pop-up showcases across London, we swiftly carved our niche in the art world. By 2017, JG Contemporary was born as originally an online gallery, culminating in the opening of our physical gallery space in December 2019 in Acton’s Poet’s Corner.

At JGC, we pride ourselves on being a sanctuary for multidisciplinary artists. Originating from the vibrant realms of pop, street and urban art, our gallery has flourished to embrace a wide spectrum of artistic expressions. Our commitment to diversity is mirrored in the eclectic range of exhibits we host, showcasing contemporary artists who excel across various mediums and styles.
Our gallery is a celebration of artistic mastery and innovation and a testament to the rich tapestry of contemporary art. Each artist in our fold brings a distinctive voice to the gallery, enabling us to present our audiences with a broad spectrum of visual narratives.  We are a dynamic gallery; where art breaks free from traditional confines, and innovation meets tradition in a symphony of colours, textures, and forms.
With murals by internationally renowned street artists like Fin DAC to the much celebrated portrait of Jamal Edwards MBE by Matt Small, crafted entirely from reused materials JG Contemporary has always been at the forefront of championing public art, especially within our local community.
Join us at JG Contemporary, where every visit is an adventure, and the boundary-pushing creations of our artists promise to inspire and captivate. Here, art is not just observed; it is experienced, challenging perceptions and inviting dialogue. Welcome to our world, where tradition meets innovation in the vibrant heart of West London, and where our commitment to public art and community engagement continues to illuminate the path forward.

Jewel also runs West London Art Factory together with her husband James.


Our history


While working on Fin DAC's Shisöka mural for Acton Unframed on the wall of Fed and Watered, we fell in love with Acton's Poet's Corner community and noticed the space opposite the mural being redeveloped. Shortly after JG Contemporary opened its doors in its current location on Churchfield Road in December 2019. The rest as they say is history.

JG Contemporary with Fin DAC's Yuansu at Moniker Art Fair


Jewel Goodby Contemporary launched at Moniker International Art Fair as part of the fair's Young Gallery Program. With Fin DAC as our highlight artist, we got the attention of the Financial Times, made it to the 3rd page of The Times and won the hearts of many collectors in urban contemporary art. We exhibited at the next editions of Moniker Art Fair in London and New York until 2019.


Over the next few years, we had lots of fun taking Factory Project Pop-ups and events to various Venus in London, including Red Bull Studios, The Hospital Club, Loft Studios and Muse Gallery in Portobello Road. We showcased a wide range of artists throughout the years, and still work with some of the artists we met during our Factory Projects.


Our first event was the Factory Project at Red Bull Studios in July 2011. We exhibited art, had live bands and organised a live paint session by some of the best street artists at the time, including Fin DAC and Stik. It was a true road blocker.


Our art journey started when we set up West London Art Factory in North Acton in October 2010. What was meant to be originally a studio space and a screen printing workshop for Jewel alone, eventually became 22 artist studios in Park Royal.