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Masha Gusova

Born in Moscow in 1987, Masha Gusova emigrated to the United Kingdom during her early childhood. In 2013, she completed her Bachelor in History of Art at SOAS, University of London. Since 2011, Gusova has exhibited at various group shows both nationally and internationally.
Gusova’s work is inspired by her background in art history. She uses various historical images, which she distorts in order to question our fragile belief systems and challenge our contemporary aesthetic values. From a visual perspective, she is interested in embracing and reconciling the mastery of the past with the innovation of the present.Gusova’s work encourages us to reassess the old patterns of thought that we are all subject to, and the need for us to allow them to shatter and be restructured throughout time.

Masha Gusova - Hangover by Masha Gusova - JG Contemporary
Hangover Sale price£1,800.00