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Tasia Graham uses scenic imagery and striking colour coordination to tell Imaginative stories. Working in new age digital and traditional media, Tasia combines hand painting and computer digital design to create a more expressive interpretation of illustration.

Tasia uses texture, layering and figurative line work as the foundations of her digital paintings with themes of womanhood and cultural identity. Exploring the emotional attributes of human behaviour, Tasia transforms ‘feeling’ into atmospheric imagery and encourages the viewer to step into the painting, to feel the presence of their conscience. “I want the viewer feel like they are standing in the middle of the painting”

Tasia graduated in 2021 from University of Art London and has already worked closely with the BBC and Financial Times on illustration commissions.

The First TrainThe First Train
Tasia Graham
The First Train Sale price£1,800.00
Eves Garden
Tasia Graham
Eves Garden Sale price£250.00
Tasia Graham - Wind Scape by Tasia Graham - JG Contemporary Tasia Graham - Wind Scape by Tasia Graham - JG Contemporary
Tasia Graham
Wind Scape Sale price£600.00
Tasia Graham - Rainfall - JG Contemporary
Tasia Graham
Rainfall Sale price£250.00
Tasia Graham
Lisboa Sale price£250.00
Tasia Graham - The Dive - JG Contemporary
Tasia Graham
The Dive Sale price£250.00
Tasia Graham - Morning Commute - JG Contemporary
Tasia Graham
Morning Commute Sale price£250.00
Tasia Graham - London Nights - JG Contemporary
Tasia Graham
London Nights Sale price£375.00
Tasia Graham - Bedroom Feelings - JG Contemporary
Tasia Graham
Bedroom Feelings Sale price£250.00
Tasia Graham - Middle Class - JG Contemporary
Tasia Graham
Middle Class Sale price£375.00
Tasia Graham - Fluidity by Tasia Graham - JG Contemporary
Tasia Graham
Fluidity Sale price£275.00
Tasia Graham - Drowning on a Summers Eve - JG Contemporary