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Davina is an award-winning artist currently based in London. Davina spent several years in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and then moved to Cape Town, South Africa, where she lived from 2015-2019. Both countries inspitred her to explore new techniques leading her to create contemporary abstract paintings in mixed media. Her work is playful, whilest also often posessing more serious undertones.

“While living in Brazil I was inspired by the bright colours and naïve paintings, which simplify form. I moved to Cape Town in 2015 and the city’s contemporary art scene encouraged me to take my art in a more abstract direction. Using mixed media on ethnic fabrics I layer textures, interweaving a surface of patterns, symbolism and playful marks. My background in traditional techniques often shows through in my work, sometimes animals or people emerge from an obscure background. I am keen for viewers to explore my paintings, in the same way as I am taken on a journey creating them.”

Davina Bosanquet - Globalisation - JG Contemporary
Davina Bosanquet
Globalisation Prix de vente€239,95
Davina Bosanquet - Cheetah Stretch - JG Contemporary
Davina Bosanquet
Cheetah Stretch Prix de vente€191,95
Davina Bosanquet - King of the Jungle - JG Contemporary
Davina Bosanquet
King of the Jungle Prix de vente€203,95
Davina Bosanquet - Rainbow Nation - JG Contemporary
Davina Bosanquet
Rainbow Nation Prix de vente€203,95
Davina Bosanquet - Xhosa Man - JG Contemporary
Davina Bosanquet
Xhosa Man Prix de vente€167,95