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Yaffa Meskell

Born in Israel, Yaffa Meskell moved to England in her twenties and settled in West London.
With a passion for creating memorable portraits and capturing life’s special moments, Yaffa hit the streets of London during the first lockdown of 2020 to document the changing atmosphere of the city and the ways people adapted to the restrictions imposed on them.
At a time when human contact was forbidden, it was a way for Yaffa to reach out and connect with people. It was as beneficial for her as for those she photographed.
Ava is part of this series.

Yaffa Meskell - Ava - JG Contemporary
Ava Prix de vente€803,95
Yaffa Meskell - Kate - JG Contemporary
Kate Prix de vente€803,95
Yaffa Meskell - Prince (lockdown day 50) - JG Contemporary
Prince (lockdown day 50) Prix de vente€803,95
Yaffa Meskell - Gracie - JG Contemporary
Gracie Prix de vente€803,95