Rudy de Belgeonne

Rudy de Belgeonne - Superman-Lover


Superman-Lover (From Who's the Man series)
High-quality giclee print, using UltraChrome pigment inks on acid-free Hahnemühle 310 gsm William Turner watercolour paper.
1118mm X 84
Edition of 25

Who’s the Man began as an epic installation of a thousand individual hand-painted panels with words used to describe and define ‘man’.  It plays with the ever-changing identity and categorisation of the modern man by creating definitions of masculinity packaged as products, as each word becomes a logo in glossy seductive enamel colours: Hero, God, King, Scoundrel, Rogue, Brute, Bad Boy, Love God, Fancy Dan, Mama Man, Sonofabitch, Sonofagun, Bloke, Joe Schmoe, Golden Boy, Nancy Boy…and on and on…